Monday, September 8, 2014

40 Year Class Reunion - August 9, 2014 

The River Walk Hub
215 Water Street (Court Ave) 

Des Moines, IA 

Back - Steve Davis, Reva Owens, Sue (McCarty) White, Sharon (Pontier) Dirkx, Linda (Martens) Glazebrook, Linda (Miller) Smith, Cheryl (Davenport) Zach, Cheri (Edwards) Brennan, Rachel (Coles) Holst, Sue (Thomas) Moulton, Sherry (Loney) Reynolds, Rhonda (Davison) Stewart, Rita (Beeman) Byers, Deb (Bacon) Sheetz, Lori (Gegner) Sands, Dee (Bright) Cowling. 

Middle - Steve Kenney, Mark Halvorsen, Robert Lee, John Carson, Ron White, Dan Waller, Mark West, Dan Phillips, Terry Burdess.

Front - Joe Wilson, Randy Ruark, Mark Jeter, Rick Glazebrook, Brian Stuva.

Sharon (Pontier) Dirkx and Mark West

Jerry Smith, Ron White, Terry Burdess

Cheri (Edwards) Brennan and Rachel (Coles) Holst

Sherry (Loney) Reynolds, Sue (McCarty) White, Dan Waller, Ron White

The Woodburn Kids
John Carson, Dan Phillips, Sharon (Pontier) Dirkx,
Rachel (Coles) Holst, Steve Davis

Randy Ruark, Terry Burdess

Cheryl (Davenport) Zach, Sue (Thomas) Moulton, Rhonda (Davison) Stewart

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Inkku - from Sue (Smith) Gaumer

From Sue - When Inkku and I saw each other at the reunion - our eyes met - she realized who I was and we both wept! We had lost track of each other after 1984, the last time we saw each other! She was back for the 10 year reunion and had came to my house, as I was still living in Osceola. I wrote to Inkku after moving to Denver, but didn't hear back. She shared that she lost all addresses when going through a divorce. I didn't know if we'd ever see one another again. It was absolutely the sweetest moment! We exchanged information and vowed to catch up with the last 25 years and keep in touch.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Reunion pics from Mark Halvorsen

Jack and Rhonda (Davison) Stewart, Gary Gaumer, John Fuller

Roger and Sheila (Rumley) Kentner

Monday, June 22, 2009

2009 Reunion Photos

Gary Gaumer, Cheryl (Davenport) Zach, John Fuller, Terry Burdess, Dan Cook, Mark West, Steve Kinney, Jack McCarl, Brian Stuva.
1/2 row in front of John and Terry - Dan Waller, Robert Lee, Clay Paulsen, Mark Halvorsen, Rick Glazebrook, Joe Wilson, Linda (Martens) Glazebrook, Dale Lear.
Steve Davis, Barb (Blair) Hoover, Deb (Bacon) Sheetz, John Sullivan, Cheri (Edwards) Brennan, Sheila (Rumley) Kentner, Cindy (Powell) Jones, Reva Owens, Sue (White) McCarty, Dave Burrell.
Randy Ruark, Ron White, Desi Siefkas, Gary Cobb, Dan Phillips, Marcella (Wright) Short, Sharon (Pontier) Dirkx, Sherry (Loney) Francisco, Rachel (Coles) Holst, Rhonda (Davison) Stewart.

Woodburn Kids
Dan Phillips, Clay Paulsen, Gary Cobb, Steve Davis
Marcella (Wright) Short, Rachel (Coles) Holst, Sharon (Pontier) Dirkx

Joe Wilson Cheri (Edwards) Brennan

Cheryl (Davenport) Zach and Gracie Crawford

Belinda Wickham, John Sullivan, Debbie Sullivan, Linda (Martens) Glazebrook

Belinda Wickham, Debbie Sullivan, Carol (Creveling) Jones,
Elaine Lee, Sheila (Rumley) Kentner

Steve Davis, Steve Kinney, Brian Stuva, Lonna McDonough

Cathy (Nish) Adair, Cheryl (Davenport) Zach, Cindy (Powell) Jones,
Jeannie (Gibbs) Wuthrich, Barb (Blair) Hoover, Sharon (Pontier) Dirkx

Sherry (Loney) Francisco, Gracie Crawford, Bob Holst, Ron Brennan

Dan Phillips, Reva Owens

Jack McCarl, Jack Stewart, ?, Sue Gaumer

Dan Waller, Cindy (Powell) Jones, Terry Bonnett, Clay Paulsen

Jim Wuthrich, Ron White
Barb (Blair) Hoover, Jeannie (Gibbs) Wuthrich

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Class Photo

courtesy of Rachel (Coles) Holst
(Click photo to enlarge)

Memories of the CCHS Marching Band

The marjorettes got to wear the cool outfits, while the band had to wear those 1950's wool uniforms with the tall, hot shako hats!!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Monday, April 27, 2009

Who's this with his prize Hot Rod 66 Plymouth Satellite? (No, it's not a member of the Stones!)

Woodburn Black Bear Chargers - 1966

Front Row, L to R-Brian Huss, Kevin Oehlert, Virgil Piercy, Gary Cobb, Mike Wright, Kendall Smith, Billy Oehlert

2nd Row L to R, -John Carson, Marion Wilkins, Jim Cottrell, Jim Fox, Darl McKimpson, Clay Paulsen, Gene Wilkins, Dan Phillips, Rick Irving.

3rd Row L to R, - Mr. Morrow (Coach & 5th Gr. Teacher?, Jimmy Boyles, Kevin Vanderlinden, Raymond Haltom (Coach & Bus Driver) Chuck Graves, Brian Linderman, Harold Cobb.

Pictures taken directly after we played the Weldon team
and beat them 26-9 - YEH

courtesy of Dan Phillips

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Senior Float

courtesy of Sherry (Loney) Francisco